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Default Avaya E169 upgrade trouble


I am trying to upgrade an E169 and i followed the read me file.
It will be connected to an IPOffice so it needs a dedicated http(s) server.
I use MV_IPtel for this which can do both http and https (TLS is turned on)
I see in the logs that when i request the file with a webbrowser it is actually there and being send.
When i use the media station app to upgrade the E169 then it stops and tries again.
Here you can see the log with both actions:

2014-08-28T16:40:10---HTTP GET request from -
2014-08-28T16:40:10---HTTP Server: File requested :- "C:\_Avaya\Software\E169\E169_7_20_19.bin"
2014-08-28T16:40:10---Bytes transferred:- 42755896
2014-08-28T16:40:53---HTTP GET request from -
2014-08-28T16:40:53---Exception : HTTP Server GET request :- /E169_7_20_19.bin
2014-08-28T16:40:55---HTTP GET request from -
2014-08-28T16:40:57---Exception : HTTP Server GET request :- /E169_7_20_19.bin
2014-08-28T16:40:57---HTTP GET request from -
2014-08-28T16:41:00---Exception : HTTP Server GET request :- /E169_7_20_19.bin
2014-08-28T16:41:00---HTTP GET request from -
2014-08-28T16:41:03---Exception : HTTP Server GET request :- /E169_7_20_19.bin
2014-08-28T16:41:03---HTTP GET request from -
2014-08-28T16:41:07---Exception : HTTP Server GET request :- /E169_7_20_19.bin
2014-08-28T16:41:07---HTTP GET request from -
2014-08-28T16:41:10---Exception : HTTP Server GET request :- /E169_7_20_19.bin
2014-08-28T16:41:10---HTTP GET request from -
2014-08-28T16:41:13---Exception : HTTP Server GET request :- /E169_7_20_19.bin
2014-08-28T16:41:13---HTTP GET request from -
2014-08-28T16:41:14---Exception : HTTP Server GET request :- /E169_7_20_19.bin
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