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Default One-X agent Configuration

1. Instant Messaging-At my company we use MOC currently. I can't seem to get this to connect with my current settings. It just keeps saying that my server address is wrong. I have tried the IP address form of the address as well as the text version.

> Could you specify the document you are referring for MOC integration. MOC won't get integrated without AES integration. Where are entering the IP address??

2. Outlook integration-Below is a picture of the main Agent window. Is there a way I could have that search field look at all of Active Directory instead of having to pull up advanced search and then adding a person to my contacts just to use Click to Dial?

> Yep, you will have to integrate the Active Directory/LDAP using LDAP integration.

3. Screen Pops-If you have setup one how complicated was it?

> Please specify what exactly you wish to do.

Other questions: Does video calling run off the IM client of one-X Agent? What about desktop sharing does that work off the IM client?

Video Calling works of the One-X Agetn Client. but, not Desktop Sharing??
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