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Hello Satish,

Below are my answers

1) Does the VPMS broadcast the information when ever we add or modify the application menu and MPP put in the cache or in file.?
Ans: Yes VPMS sends all the info to MPP and MPP keeps a copy of all its config with itself, this is why MPP works even if VPMS is down
2) MPP can save the records up to some 14 days if server1(Postgres Database) is down, does MPP have some internal database to store such a huge logs?
Ans: MPP does not have any internal DB. MPP saves all the records as temp binary files. They are only Call Detail and Session Detail records which you pull from VPMS web-admin
3)While providing the IVR treatment to the caller, does the MPP cache the prompts instead of each time fetching the prompts from server?
Ans: Yes, MPP maintains keeps a copy of prompts in cache
4)We are having different folders under $AVAYA_HOME/MPP/logs/process/? what type of logs will be created ?
Ans: In this dir each dir corresponds to logs written by specific process which runs on MPP. For more details you can refer to VP Online help
Where can i get more stuff to know more about VP,MPP etc? I am have VP guide,trouble shooting guide?
Please refer to VP Online help
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