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Default Problems after migration from NES CC 6.0 to AACC 6.1

We have sucessfully migrated from NES CC 6.0 to AACC 6.1 - CCMS, CCMA, CCMM, but not CCT (writed about some table can`t be found in database).

CCT database - on D: disk 412 GB, CCMS and CCMM database on F: disk 558 GB

We now have many issues:

1) Realtime reporting Private tabular displays missing one column when using Filtering. In Filter Summary section of screen there are missed right column (of last variable, for example Average Speed Of Answer, header of table shows ASA, but columns under are missed).

2) CCT web admin can`t see agent list from CCMS database, also CCT web admin when saving items (like agent terminal assignments, etc) sometimes don`t save them, need every time to check records if they are saved.

3) CCT web admin access rights. Anyone can open and see this page. How to close it, how to give some rights ?

4) CCMM contacts still have status Open after using Closed reason. Can`t close emails. Close all command also doesn`t work. How to fix it??

5) In Scripting there are problem with command DAY OF WEEK=.... If we use it calls goes by default ACD-DN, and in event we see that script have some errors. Other commands like TIME OF DAY, etc. works perfect.

Maybe we need to open case in Avaya Support?


Regards, Roman
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