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This is procedure we ended up using:

Backup/Restore Procedure for Telephony Test Lab S8300 Systems

1. Boot into Rescue Mode
1. Connect a RJ45 crossover cable from the S8300’s SERVICE LAN port to LAN port on the PC.
2. Configure the PC for IP Address of
3. Connect the USB drive with the Linux Partitions to the S8300 via USB cable.
4. Insert the Communication Manager 4.0.2 disk into the S8300’s external DVD-Rom Drive and request the Telephony Admin’s to boot the System.
5. Telnet from the PC to
6. When presented with the Installation Menu on S8300, select “Linux Rescue”.
7. mkdir /usb
8. mount /dev/sdb4 /usb

2. Backup S8300 System:
1. dd if=/dev/sda of=/usb/dlis5.mmdd bs=4096

3. Restore S8300 System:
1. dd if=/usb/dlis5.mmdd of=/dev/sda bs=4096
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