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Default How do I play ringing in an ad-hoc conference?

I have an IP Office 500v2 9.1 customer that wants to hear when a conferenced call is ringing, they're used to it from their old system (500v1 4.2) and they use it all of the time.

For example, let's say Bob calls Alice's desk phone from his cell phone and he wants to speak with Carol, Alice calls Carol and immediately joins the two calls (Bob wants to talk with Alice while Carol's phone rings, Bob wants Alice to be on the call the entire time, and Bob ABSOLUTELY does not want to be left on hold or listen to hold music), so the IP office sees this call ringing and says "Oh, a ringing call is on a conference, that would really annoy everyone in the conference so let's mute that ringing." The problem is that Bob and Alice have no idea what is happening to that call and all they hear is uncomfortable silence until Carol answers the call. Plus they have no idea if Carol answered the call unless she speaks up (the conference join tone is only played when the two calls are joined, not when the far end call is answered), so it makes it even more uncomfortable.

Is there ANYTHING anyone can think of to "fix" (break) this? The customer has a PRI and I thought maybe if they had a call go out over an analog line the system would play the ringing since it's coming from the carrier (or at least that's my assumption.) The other thought was to roll back to a version where ringback tone would be played into a conference but we'd rather not have to do that.
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