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Originally Posted by gsanadze View Post
the issue found - there is a defaut folder there in drive C on the IPOCC server and all IVR announcemet MUST be there. It is not true for Task Flow announcemets - these announcement call be located anywhere in the network. That difference misguided me as I starder to play with task Flow announcemet - everything worked just fine, and than I started to play with IVR - and there is a difference. I don't know why. Iti documented, but slightly strange.

The way I understood that: I traced error message in TT console and found error "File Not Found"

This is the default folder:
C:\ProgramData\Avaya\IP Office Contact Center\VoiceControl\work\Announcements
Good catch! As a general rule I try to save *all* announcements to that folder (ivr or otherwise). This way, if we need to backup I know I can grab that folder and have all of the related wav files.
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