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Default [IPO] Transfer failed from h323 station to SIP softphone in same hunt group

Hi all,

I have one strange issue on IPO500v2 R8. I have one hunt group in CC. Most agents work on SIP Softphone. New agent works on H323 1608 phones. When the agent on 1608 (AgentA) receive call and he want to transfer this call to other agent (AgentB) on SIP Softphone it doesn`t work.
Call flow:
AgentA receives call and answer it;
AgentA pushes the transfer button and dial AgentB number. The caller are waiting on hold;
AgentB receives call, answer and talking to AgentA;
AgentA pushes the Complete button and the call ends;
AgentB sees "Transfer Failed" message and AgentA number in Softphone window instead of the caller number. AgentB hears the caller, but the caller doesn`t hear AgentB.

This is true also for call from SIP Softphone to H323 and transfer to SIP Softphone. If I remove agent from huntgroup this call flow works fime - the transfer successful.
The conferense from H323 to SIP works and we use it as workaround.

Anybody know why it happening?
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