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Originally Posted by markgallagher View Post
How frequently is this an issue?

If its daily then you and the staff will have to accept the need to use either hot desking or authorization codes. Those are the features specifically designed for users who regularly work from different physical phones.

Beyond that you're into softphone applications that move with the user on their PC or mobile device.

I appreciate your reply. We did not pay for a system where staff is responsible for what extension they use. In my mind they will be mistakes on their side and will probably end up typing the wrong extension...yes...sounds surreal but it will happen, it has happened.

It isnt daily, for instance, right now the water is calm, during summer though it is a dang tsunami. I am just trying to see what I can and cannot do, what i need to know and will need to implement before chaos erupts. Staff uses laptops and we want the phones to be up and running all the time in case of emergency or catastrophic events. Someone that has their laptop closed will not get any calls.

Then again, is this what you meant by softphone applications, like equinox? we have some licenses for less than 10 but it is buggy and our installers were still working on that even though we started in June...
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