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Default One-X Attendant; Application Hang; Event ID 1002 (crashes)

User starts pc, waits for all items to be connected before launching OneX Attendant. Works for 1 - 2 hours (it failed on me at about 20 mintutes this AM when testing) and OneX hangs. Not sure if it hangs before the call comes in or if it happens just as the call comes in. User is busy working when she hears a call come in. OneX usually comes to the front, but when it does not the user trys to bring it to the front by clicking on the program in the task bar. It does not respond (crashes). User needs to end the task on the program and relaunch, auto in again before she can take the call, if it is still there. This happens throughout the day.

PC: Dell OptiPlex 755 DT (4GB); Windows 7 Professional 32bit, Office 2010
One-X Attendant 3.06.001

I have tried many things to get this to work properly. Gone so far as to reclone the pc and install all other devices before loading OneX and still same issue. Have another pc just like this one with the exception of the monitor being smaller and it is working fine.

I do not know what else to do and any help anyone can supply would be greatly apprecaited.

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