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Default QoS problem with it 4548GTS-PWR+


I have a problem when configuring QoS on the Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series 4548GTS-PWR+. (HW:03 FW: SW:v5.6.0.008)
Required assign all packets marked with DSCP 46 (2E) priority, such as with VoIP, to the highest priority queue.
Further, this policy apply to port 2/48.

krsk-4850(config)#qos if-group name "Trust-VoIP" class unrestricted

krsk-4850(config)#no qos is-assign port 2/48

krsk-4850(config)#qos ip-element 1 name dsClfr1 ds-field 46

krsk-4850(config)#qos classifier 1 set-id 1 name "Trust-VoIP" element-type ip element-id 1

krsk-4850(config)#qos policy 1 name "Trust-VoIP" if-group "Trust-VoIP" clfr-type classifier clfr-id 1 in-profile-action 7 precedence 6 track-statistics

When you enter a command - the following error:
krsk-4850(config)#qos if-assign port 2/48 name "Trust-VoIP"
% Cannot modify settings
% Insufficient HW resources to support port/role association

I tried to change the parameter qos agent buffer with values large on maximum, but it did not affect the originating error.
krsk-4850#sh qos agent details
QoS Buffering: Maximum

As I understand it, the message (% Insufficient HW resources to support port / role assotsiation) says Insufficient HW resources
to support port/role assotsiation.
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