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Unhappy Switching ISPs Avaya IP 500. Going from T1 to cable internet and a seprate T1

Hello all, I hope someone can provide me some assistance!
I run IT for a medium sized company. When I first started, they switched from a T1 and non-IP phones to a different T1 [AT&T] and an Avaya IP Office 500 v2
I did not have anything to do with the setup, but have been managing the system for the last 4 years.
Now the company is switching from a single T1 providing internet into a Cisco ASA5500 and then a switch to the LAN and also providing phone service to the IP500 from a different port - the IP500 is also hooked to the lan. So they are switching to Charter Business cable internet and a Windstream/nuvox T1 for the phones.
I successfully migrated the internet to the Charter Business, now the Windstream modem/demarc is installed and it's time to ditch AT&T and get the windstream active and hooked to the Avaya IP 500.

I was under the impression that Windstream was going to be onsite for the changeover! NOT THE CASE! I am supposed to activate the windstream via a confrence call and get it hooked to the IP Office 500 myself...

I am at a loss as to what I need to do, a total loss..

Is it as simple as activating the windstream and plugging in the Avaya IP office, as it is already configured properly? It can't be, can it? I don't even see the same ports on the windstream box...

Please let me know what details I need to provide you all here so that perhaps someone can provide me some assistance!

Here's a "High level overview" from Windstream

High Level Overview
1.5M DYIP SIP w/Internet
Windstream Adtran 908e rental router with Advanced Managed Router
1 block DID#'s (Port 7 DID#'s and remaining 13 are NEW #'s)

7 PORTED Office Relocation VTN #'s

SIP will terminate to an Avaya IP Office using 3rd party vendor / 12 call paths using G.729a.

Customer uses Charter for primary Internet, so this Internet will be backup.
We are also porting 3 ABL lines: 314-733- xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx ( fax, alarm, and POS), and porting 1 toll free #888-xxx-xxxx, ring to 314-434-xxxx.

Please let me know what else I can let YOU know!
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