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**** I con't pull the config until Tuesday AM.
I do have copies of the paper licenses, nothing said SIP on it
Port 9/10 the front of the ip office goes to the T1/E1 port 4 on the AT&T and the T1/E1 port one goes to the AT&T T1 demarc box, CPE #2
The Adtran had 0/1 coming in from the demarc, and ports labeled 0/3 and 0/4 PRI / CAS and 0/1 and 0/2 [which will make sens given the post below]
The IP500 has green lights on 9 10 but not 9/10 [9 over 10]
also there is an RJ11 in port 7/8 on the top of the IP500 going to one punch block in my switch room, and top and bottom on 5/6 goes to another punch box. we have 3 POTS lines, there are no lights on any of those ports, I assume I need to get wires to the new punches for the 3 POTS lines, which are being ported to Nuvox/Windstream as well.
Oh and the LAN port on the back of the IP office goes to the LAN - new cable internet - SBS2008n server etc.

Where would I look in the config to check if it's PRI or SIP? Can you tell anything from my description?

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