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And can I attach pdf of our paper licenses? Would that help determine SIP or PRI?

Also here is the last contact I got from Windstream:


Here are the SIP parameters you will require. If you are uncomfortable with the SIP set up, I would suggest engaging your support for the activation call.

Avaya IP Office Scorecard

Broadsoft West Device Type SIP Trunk (registering)

Avaya IP Office Fields
Windstream SIP Fields

ITSP Domain Name SBC IP Address | 10.250.x.x

ITSP IP Address SBC IP Address | 10.250..x.x

Primary Authentication Name BS-W Trunk Group ID | 3144477xxx

Primary Authentication Password Not Used | (put in whatever you want to fill field)

Registration Required Yes | yes

RE-INVITE yes | yes

Compression Mode g729(a) | g729(a)

Layer 4 Protocol UDP | UDP

Send Port 5060 | 5060

Network Topology- NIC/Gateway – LAN 1 (or 2) Connect to Ethernet0/2 on router |

Your PBX IP is noted as and is defined in our SBC access list as SIP traffic coming from this IP. If that is not the case, please let us know ASAP so it can be updated to the correct IP address.

Internet Information: (Will one public IP be sufficient for your use?) – Ethernet 0/1

Public LAN Network:

Subnet Mask:


Usable Public IP's:

Domain Name Servers (resolvers):




Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


So it looks like we are already setup for SIP and the chart they sent shows what I need to change in the IP500 - is that correct? the chart has the item on the left listed under Avaya Office IP Fields, and the two items seperated by a | listed under SIP Trunk Regestering, then the first item under Windtream SIP Fields, the second item in a column with no heading, I tried to reproduce it decentlyne

So to me it looks like I just need to change some settings in the IP500 and move the 9/10 port ethernet from port 4 on the AT&T/SBC router to the Ethernet 0/2 on the adtran and I should be good to go, correct?

Thanks for your help!

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