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I just need ti provide the following info if it is a PRI handoff.
If that is the case, then this will need to be reconfigured as a PRI hand off. I will work with Carla to make that change. It may take approximately a week to complete the changes before we can schedule the activation call. Can you please provide the PRI attributes we need to use- NI2?, # of digits inbound from us required, 2 way?, inbound hunt Ascending?, any restrictions, will PBX control caller line ID or do you want us to define a screening ani like a main number?

Are any of those attributes aside from the obvious that don't require it like outbound ANI listed in the avaya?

I am going onsite at 7:30am, how do I verify from the IP office software manager 100% if it's a PRI or SIP setup currently?

Thanks for all your help
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