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Solution Delivered A Different Way to "route to an external # via vector step"

Sorry for the late reply to your very well documented issue. I had some unavoidable work load and home issues...

Summary: You want to route calls to an external number once certain conditions are met. Before we start, here are two suggestions I would offer:
  • Start documenting (please see below) your code with the # option.
  • Use a more modular way to accomplish your goal.
I take a different approach to all “route to” steps. Since the route-to command stops vector processing, I place those steps at the end of my vectors. And I use the “goto step” commands, which do not stop vector processing, throughout the rest of my vectors.

Here is the way I set something like this up:
  1. Set up an entry in the coverage remote table “ch cov rem 1” for the external number.
  2. Set up a coverage path “add cov path next” that points to the new entry in the coverage remote table.
  3. Set up a virtual station pointing to the coverage path.
  4. Write the station number into the vector as below.
15 # "Your Call maybe monitored.........."
16 announcement 691000
17 # Route to Q VDN
18 route-to number 4831 with cov y if unconditionally
19 stop
20 # Routes out to Beacon/Boston, 800-xxx-xxxx
21 route-to number 6680 with cov y if unconditionally
22 stop
Thank you,
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