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Default Best practice to set up an emergency number to call different mobile phones

Hi everyone! Long time listener, first time caller. You all are an incredible source of information and I've learned a lot by searching through these posts. I'm finally reaching out directly to ask for help and advice.

I've been asked to set up an extension that will forward any call (internal and external) to one of two cell phone numbers. There are 3 desk phones that need to be set up to change the cell number it's forwarding to.

They're all 9620 desk phones. My plan was to set up an extension, then program a button on each of the 3 desk phones to bridge an appearance to that extension, then program two buttons on each phone - one button to forward to each of the two different cell numbers, using our call forward feature access code . Each user can then hit the bridged appearance for the emergency line, then hit the button for the cell number they want all the calls forwarded to.

But it feels like a complicated and cludgy plan so I thought I'd see what you all recommend. I'm not great with VDNs or anything like that so I was playing to my strengths but how would you solve this?

Thank you very much!
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