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Originally Posted by jtarjanyi View Post

What happens if we activating call flow, or IVR changes. Is it affected the call in IVR, callflow, or in queue ?

Will be still there or dropped out , or just the new calls will be affected?
In my experience it depends. I have swapped inbound Topics (no other changes) and had old calls stay in their original flow while new calls flow into the new flow. I've swapped flows where the announcements/logic steps are new and had all calls route to the new flow immediately but also times where some calls have dropped or logic starts to act strangely. Load (calls in queue) have a huge impact on this. I would be very hesitant to make any changes with 20+ calls in queue unless they are all sitting in a single announcement script and aren't bouncing about.

I'm not sure what happens to a call in an IVR script as I haven't watched that closely. I would assume if the calls isn't in the middle of switching between announcements or logic at the second the flow is changed you would be fine. It might be safer to change the task logic to pull the calls out of the IVR before making major updates, then change the taskflow back to release back into the IVR.

My rules of thumb (Your Mileage May Vary) is:
1) Generally it is safe to make adjustments to the existing task script (like changing a logic step or destination group) and the changes are felt immediately as the flow is re-evaluated every second past the task trap.
2) Try to only change Taskflow sets with little or no load. Changes are felt immediately however if calls are in queue bouncing around I have had some issues with drops or odd logic issues.

Hope that helps.
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