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Default speech recognition is not working


This is a long shot as this thread is quite old, but I have the same issue with Recognize Speech - it's announcing that a serious error has occurred.

I'm just learning Breeze and I've found your videos helpful Andrew P, so thank you! However, all I can find on speech recognition is this thread. The documentation states that the Recognize Speech control reads an announcement, but when I try to set it up all it has is a description and the speech recognition options. When I deploy and run it I get the "serious error" announcement and it then moves on to the next announcement in my workflow. When I review the instance created, no error has occurred.

So, firstly I'd like to know where you add the text of the announcement - do you have to add a "Play Announcement" control prior to the Recognize Speech control? Secondly, why does it skip onto the next announcement without allowing time for the caller to speak or press a digit? Is this because of the error?
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