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Default ED Cluster setting for RTS

>>So, firstly I'd like to know where you add the text of the announcement - do you have to add a "Play Announcement" control prior to the Recognize Speech control? Secondly, why does it skip onto the next announcement without allowing time for the caller to speak or press a digit? Is this because of the error?
The text for the announcment prompt goes into the Properties;Description field of the Recognize Speech task.

If it continues to pass by this node or error out after both Description and Speech Rec. options are filled in, there may be a need to edit the ED cluster settings to uncheck the:

“Only allow secure web communications” checkbox in ED Cluster settings. You should then reboot the cluster.

Note that the cluster must first be placed into "Deny New Service" state before this checkbox becomes editable, it will be dimmed out when the cluster is "Accept New Service" mode. This is the case with many of the cluster configurations.

Let me know if this helps.
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