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Default One-x portal error

I have a 9.1.4 ipo deployed OVA
I deploy a Server Application for the one- X Portal OVA also

in the documentation:
1) stop one-x portal = OK
2) uninstall one-x portal = KO
I get this error:
'error: Failed dependencies:
oneXportal is needed by (installed) scs-webconferencing-9.1.0-010653.i386
oneXportal is needed by (installed) Primary-9.1.400-137.el6.noarch

I try to uninstall webconf same error:
'error: Failed dependencies:
scs-webconferencing is needed by (installed) Primary-9.1.400-137.el6.noarch

3) add one-x portal to : Solution\Application = KO
no link to "add" application server

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