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Default Voicemail Record Instructions after Greeting


I have an Aura Messaging 6.3.3 and I have a greeting issue. Does anyone know if there is a way to either:

A. Remove the system recording that says "Record your message after the tone. When you finish, you can hang up or press 1 for more options" after hearing a users greeting.

B. Have only the above mentioned recording play rather than a users greeting followed by the system recording.

The reason I ask this is that it doubles the amount of information a caller has to hear. We have a situation where I have a vector that plays an announcement and then tells the caller to press 1 to leave a message. The caller is then sent to the mailbox with a short greeting that says "Please leave your information after the beep" followed by the system recording that says the same thing. All we really want is the caller to press 1 and hear one or the other.

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