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Default timers for Survivable Core environment

Thank you for this. We have only H.248 Media Gateways, so the transition point is set to 1 at all sites and the MGC list of all Media Gateways at remote sites contains the Survivable Core's address before the LSP address:

IP address of main ACM
----------------------------------- <-- transition point (PST > 10 minutes at remote sites, 1 minute at Survivable Core site)
IP address of survivable Core
IP address of LSP

I was initially thinking that the Media Gateway at the Survivable Core site would need to register quickly with the Survivable Core (hence the 1 minute PST) so as to kick start the Survivable Core, because in my thinking the Survivable Core is not immediately ready to start call control. It would take something like 10 minutes (perhaps I am wrong there) for the Survivable Core to be able to handle call after the initial Media Gateway registration. So to be sure the Survivable Core is ready to take over call control, I set the PST at remote sites to a high value: more than 10 minutes. As I am conscious it is a long time for having all remote sites without call control, I am trying to optimize that value for faster recovery. Thanks in advance.
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