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Originally Posted by covar View Post
Wow, that sucks! Anyone at least knows how to change the default headers within the tables so I can put a name instead of the abbreviated variable name? For example: totNewCon, just so I can change it to Answered.
To change name of reporting fields... Goto Administration -> Service -> Reporting Filters. Find the statistic and double-click. Put in the new name and hit OK. The field will now be immediately changed on all historical reports (and exports). It keeps the original field name in brackets but puts the new name above the old on reports.

As for something like Crystal Reports, Qlikview, etc, the reporting engine is driven by the tr schema in the Postgres dbase, so you could probably connect to it with the Postgres ODBC driver and extract info. **NOTE: I have no idea if this would be sanctioned by Avaya or what it might do to future service requests.**
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