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Sorry for the double-post but I (still?) can't edit my posts.
What puzzles me the most is that Avaya is usually very strong with the documentation and with R7.x to me it seems to me that there's a lot of stuff simply missing or very badly explained.
For instance, most of the documentation just focuses on the HP/DELL common servers and provides very little explaining on the S8300D/E.

Can't find any information on how the whole system should be installed. Like AVP first, then US, then CM, then other apps or something like that.

AVP installation on the S8300D/E is completely blind folded. The documentation doesn't provide any information on how to control through telnet/ssh/web how AVP's installation is going on in the background. It seems like it either works in 30 minutes or if you can't ping on the services port of the S8300D/E after 30 minutes, something went wrong but you don't know what that was.

This just doesn't seem like what Avaya usually provides us with Aura products...

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