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Group Number: 10 Group Type: sip
IMS Enabled? n Transport Method: tcp
Q-SIP? n
IP Video? n Enforce SIPS URI for SRTP? y
Peer Detection Enabled? y Peer Server: Others
Prepend '+' to Outgoing Calling/Alerting/Diverting/Connected Public Numbers? n
Remove '+' from Incoming Called/Calling/Alerting/Diverting/Connected Numbers? y
Alert Incoming SIP Crisis Calls? n
Near-end Node Name: procr Far-end Node Name: msgserver
Near-end Listen Port: 5060 Far-end Listen Port: 6060
Far-end Network Region: 1

Far-end Domain:
Bypass If IP Threshold Exceeded? n
Incoming Dialog Loopbacks: eliminate RFC 3389 Comfort Noise? n
DTMF over IP: rtp-payload Direct IP-IP Audio Connections? y
Session Establishment Timer(min): 3 IP Audio Hairpinning? n
Enable Layer 3 Test? y Initial IP-IP Direct Media? n
H.323 Station Outgoing Direct Media? n Alternate Route Timer(sec): 6
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