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Question Attendant vectoring: timeout with no answer from attendant

For a call queued to a single attendant, how do I achieve that the call stops ringing the One-X Attendant after a timeout and overflows to an alternate destination if the user forgot to switch to night service?
Here my vector, but the call leaves the vector as soon as the attendant is ringing so it rings there until the caller gives up. Also, the coverage path of the station associated in telecommuter mode to One-X Attendant never kicks in.

Number: 2600 Name: Main Nr
Multimedia? n Attendant Vectoring? y Meet-me Conf? n Lock? y
Basic? y EAS? y G3V4 Enhanced? y ANI/II-Digits? y ASAI Routing? y
Prompting? y LAI? y G3V4 Adv Route? y CINFO? y BSR? y Holidays? y
Variables? y 3.0 Enhanced? y
01 wait-time 1 secs hearing silence
02 goto step 17 if holiday in table 20
03 goto step 22 if service-hours not-in table 26
04 queue-to attd-group
05 goto step 13 if queue-fail
06 wait-time 30 secs hearing V4 then music
07 # timeout: alternative destination
08 route-to number V6 with cov y if unconditionally
09 stop
13 # Attendant not logged in
14 route-to number V6 with cov y if unconditionally
15 stop
17 # holiday
18 disconnect after announcement V2
19 stop
22 # outside business hours
23 route-to number V7 with cov y if unconditionally
24 stop
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