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So, we're using 9608 phones with IP Office Manager version build 965.

The 9608 phones have the ability to "direct dial" another phone that supports the feature. The function's short code is specified in IP Office Manager. So pretty much, I can dial *63*N# with the *63 being the shortcode and N the extension. Instead of ringing the extension, the extension will immediately answer the phone even if no one is there.

We're looking into purchasing B159 phones, but we want it to support the same feature - as in people will be able to dial into the B159 phones with the shortcode, and the B159 should automatically answer because it supports direct dial.

I've spent hours trying to ask Avaya directly about this, but I can't seem to get a hold of anybody that knows anything, or I'm just pointed back to the data sheet listed on their website that tells me nothing. It has been incredibly frustrating, and I just want to be able to know if we should buy these phones or not. It doesn't seem to be something handled directly by IP Office, because we've tried two Polycom conference phones, one SIP and one analog, and neither worked with dial direct (both receiving and sending the direct dial call).
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