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Question Connecting to 711 without using the FAC "9"

My firm is working into the 21st century by "fits and starts." One of my recent tasks is to insure that a staff person can call the 711 service when required.

I confirmed that staff can dial and connect to 711 from an internal system phone by keying “9711.” However I have not yet found the key to using only 711. my call tracing always reports a "denial event 1643: Off-hook dialing time out." What did I miss?

Though set up properly in the ARS analysis table keying "711" does not work. Also adding either of the following lines to the ARS digit conversion table...
711 3 3 3 918007455555 ars n n
711 3 3 3 9711 ars n n

did not work. I have tried several permutations of this both with and without the following line . . .
711 3 3 p1 svcl n
in the ARS analysis table. Next, I might try an
ars digit conversion table entry changing 711 to a VDN and having the vector route to 800-745-5555.

Anybody who has the key, please let me know.
Thank you,
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