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Originally Posted by thiel2 View Post
Try setting the File Server in Manager to Memory Card, and this for your option 242 string


(There are no spaces in the string above - weird, I see a space between M and CPORT when viewing the message, but not when editing it. If you copy and paste, be sure to remove any spaces that result. I imagine the same is in your post, where there is a space between 192.168. and 0.221 in your file server address)
Thiel2, thank you for the assistance on this, I was back on-site today and I still do not know what the issue was but it is now working with no changes. The only thing I did was reset the phone 2 additional times and now it has not problems, nothing was changed on the switches or on the IPO 500v2. The phones were factory reset yesterday and many times before this and it did not solve anything so I am not sure why the last time it worked. Do the 9608 phones keep old routes in their memory at times which could have caused this?
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