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Default Server Edition Funtionality

I need some help in order to clarify these concepts on the Server Edition:
We have a primary SE with three Expansion System Control Unit (V2). On the server I have 100 IP extensions and in each Expansion System Control Unit (V2) I have one plot E1-R2, one analog trunk plate and a plate of digital and analog extensions.
Users, extensions, E1 line, analog lines, ARS are set on each Expansion System Control Unit (V2).
When the server goes down, can users connected to each Control Unit Expansion System (V2) receive and make external calls (raster and / or analog trunks)?
Can they receive and make internal calls? For how long?
When the server is down, does exist a way for different users Control Unit Expansion System (V2) to communicate?

Thank you very much for your help
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