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Avaya APS offers supervisor and admin paging packages. The supervisor paging will allow supervisors to set threshold alerts for their skill. The CMS will monitor and send an email / txt to the supervisor. Admin paging is used to send an email when the PBX link goes down for example.

The term page below refers to a text message that is emailed via the public Internet to a wireless device (e.g. cell phone) or a PC mailbox (e.g. Outlook Inbox).

Supervisor Paging for CMS This package is intended for the split/skill supervisors. With this package installed on the CMS server, the CMS users may configure threshold paging for their splits/skills. Configuration is done via a user menu system.

Administrator Paging for CMS This package is intended for CMS administrators. This package enables CMS administrators to receive a text message/page for a CMS system level outage, e.g. PBX data link down. This package includes limited threshold paging for critical or unmanned splits/skills such as VRU/IVR/Conversant, holiday and emergency splits/skills. A user menu is included for administration.

Lost RTA data feed scenarios covered by CMS Administrator Paging are: 1) PBX to CMS data link down, 2) CMS Data Collection turned off, 3) CMS turned off, and 4) CMS reboot.

The native functionality within the Administrator Pagingpackage will generate an alarm page for 80% of the failure scenarios for RTA and Cisco ICM (GeoTel).
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