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Originally Posted by markgallagher View Post
Frankly, that is not a question that someone in the process of installing a system should be asking.

If you install as a primary it will be an IP Office system with Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal and will require licenses to operate.

If you install as a secondary or expansion it will be to act as an additional IP Office in a network that already has a primary IP Office (and will need additional licenses on that primary).

If you install as an application server, then it runs Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal and can be used to provide those services to an existing IP500 V2, if the V2 has licenses for those services.

There are manuals for all of this.
Thank you for reply,
I am not on charge of this installation. There is another person, I am just over the shoulder and it is just a way to ask a question and go deeper.

If I am asking here it is because I also look at the doc. Deploying IP Office Server Edition Solution_en.pdf and could not find any information beyond the basics.

So basically it is a matter if licensing.
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