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Originally Posted by thiel2 View Post
It's a matter of what you want the server to do.

If you are deploying IP Office Server Edition, and using the 2 IP 500 V2 Control Units as expansion systems, you want to ignite it as Primary Server Edition.

If the 2 IP 500 V2 Control Units are just connected to each other via a SCN, and you want to use the server to provide Voicemail and One-X Portal, ignite it as Application Server.

Be sure you know what you're deploying, as you can't go back once you've ignited it, you have to delete the virtual machine and start over. I've had installations where it was supposed to be the Application Server, others staged the equipment and shipped on site, found they had deployed it as Server Edition instead of Application Server, and had to do several hours of work to set it straight.
Thank you for reply,

I read all the manual Deploying Server Edition and I know that you cannot undo the ignition process.
I just couldn't find anything more specific regarding different scenarios and diagrams.
But now it is clear.
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