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Originally Posted by markgallagher View Post
If you use the J129's own conference features then you are limited to 3. If you use the IP Office system's own conference features then up to 64.

If I recall correctly (not near my system so can't test):

Make you first call, put it on hold.

Make second call.

Put it on hold too and dial *47.

Repeat hold, call, hold, *47 to add more.
Thank you rplay~

J129 only 2 line, line 1 station on hold, line 2 call a station,no free line can transfer*47.

Analog station dial *47 conference can use 3 line,line 1 station on hold, line 2 call a station then use line 3 transfer *47.

So use J129 conference max 3, analog conference max 64 correct?
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