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Originally Posted by richa164 View Post
In fact just replace step 7 with the statement i have provided you and this will work.Step 20 is no longer needed.


Ok i think i have the solution to your issue , instead of the way you have it set up try
route to number xxxxx with cov y if digit =5 Instead of the way you are trying to do it , i think your way would need the route to step to be directly underneath the collect statement.
I reckon that will work
Will this work? Yes it should. However without seeing the trace and events from a test vector, I will not know why it does not.

Is one way preferable to the other? The answer is always going to be: "it depends."
If I were your consultant, I would want to know what your entire call center environment looks like. And I would want to know:
How do you test for . . .
Time of day hours,
Agent staffing, availability, or lack thereof
Building emergencies
Bad weather outages
Early shut-down or team meetings
I always treat "route-to" steps as a sub-route program and place them at the end of any vector for the reasons given. It also makes it easier to follow when your route-to step is used by more than one preceeding step. For example you may need to use several of the test steps above to "go-to" a single route-to step.

This configuration works consitently for me. Moreover, you get a consistent "look" with any vector I build.

Please, before going any further, set up a test VDN and vector set to isolate your work from normal business activity. Then try all of the solutions offered here while you trace. Once you get something working, you can move your good work into production and accept the kudos from your manager. I hope this helps.
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