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Default call classification to detect answering machine- enhanced call classification


[ccxml app]-----------[AVP 5.1]----------(h323)-----------------[Avaya CM]------------[pstn cloud]

issue: answeringmachine or voicemail not detected.

The CCXML app initiate a call using LaunchCCXML method.

The call classification is set or enabled in the input parameters to launchccxml.

but in the AVP the 'enhanced call classification' value is ZERO. i.e. Enhanced CallClassification: 0
And the AVP platform version 5.1.

So as soon as the call is answered, the detected signals received like start_of_voice, live_voice....

But the answering machine signals like record_msg or msg_end signals are not received.

Does the 'Enhanced call classification' should enabled to detect whether the call was answered by answering machine?

What is the requirement for a ccxml application for call classification?

Any other logs apart from ccxml-session-slot log to check or to troubleshoot the call classification issues.

The issue is like the answering machine / voice mails are not detected.

Thanks and regards
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