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Default call classification to detect answering machine- enhanced call classification

Hi Sandeepreddy,

Thank you for the reply

In ccxml-app the hints element having call.classification is set to true.
In AVP/EP the 'enhanced call classification' is ZERO
In CM, the (SA8874) - Call Status Messages for 7434ND IP Softphone? Y;

With the above environment details in place,
#1)if we enable enhanced call classification alone in VP/EP, would that suffice for detecting answering machine or voice mail? or is there any else to enabled in CM side for the call classification?

#2) Is the enhanced call classification license available for VoicePortal MPP ?

#3) At present we are facing a situation where from half of the IVR audio prompts get recorded in customers VoiceMail system.
for e.g when the system dial out to a mobile and if the live person answers the system starts playing the prompts.
instead of the live person, the customer voice mail system answers the call, then voicemail-greeting starts playing. After few seconds when it enters into the record phase, whatever the IVR audio prompt is playing will be recorded from that current place.
---Is there a way we can correct or tune this behavior---either in ccxmp-app side or in VP/EP side or in CM side? or what would you suggest to avoid this issue?

Thanks and Regards

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