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Default How to configure two SIP trunks on same B1 interface on Avaya Portwell SBCE P

I am looking to get 2 different SIP trunks on my B1 interface of an avaya portwell session border controller for IP Office.

Intelepeer provided the customer two trunks on different subnets with different gateways. Can the B1 act as a trunk port and accept both IPs?

My physical A1 port is to IP Office Server Edition 9.1.
My physical A2 port is for Remote Workers using one-x mobile.
My physical B1 port currently has a working SIP trunk

Do i create a new B1 network? Do I add to existing? Do i need another routing profile or can i add to existing? New Server flow or add?

I thought i read something about creating a URI group for each trunk, i can't seem to find that article
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