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Default About (Hunt) groups

Hello guys.

I have the following scenario...

I have a Hunt Group called Support on IPO with extensions 1000, 1001 and 1002.

I have the strategy 'most idle' applied to my group Support. My overflow strategy is defined by: if nobody on Support can answer the call (everybody busy), the call will be transfered to another group.The call will ring (no answer time) to another extension after 15s if the extension didn't answer.

But there is 2 things that aren't clear to me...

1 - How much time IPO will ring? I mean... I have 3 extensions, as I said, all 3 are active and IPO will ring all 3... But for how long? I know I can define the time that IPO will ring another extension if the last one didn't answer, but about how much time IPO will ring the Hunt Group? I can define this? He will ring one extension, the second one, the third one, no one will answer... And...? It will repeat once more, etc?

2 -The second doubt is directly linked to the first one. I have an overflow time defined by 5 s. So after the IPO ring all extensions (but I don't know how much he will ring), he will wait 5 seconds and then will transfer to another group. This is the correct behavior?

Best regards.
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