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Default IP office R8.0 Problem on Reboot and between 12 and 12:15


I have 2 clients with Avaya IP Office R8.0.66 combo card and UC module.

Whenever we require to reboot the PBX through the Manager, the PBX wont reboot and it will stay forever on, however the phones attached to the PBX wont work. In order to "reboot" the PBX i have to unplug the power cord.

We have another problem that might be related or not, almost everyday at 12 GMT Time the PBX becomes very sluggish, and its not possible to make or receive calls because the voice is not clear at all, or one of the parties cant hear what the other one is saying. This happens for about time period of 10/15Min, after that the PBX will work normally (apart from the reboot).

If we upgrade the PBX, it keeps running normal for a few days and then returns to the same problems.

What i have done so far:

Reformat the SD Card;
Tried different Firmware versions(all in release 8.0.something);
Disconnected UC Module;

Any suggestions or ideas on what might been happening ?
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