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Solution Delivered Get the IP address

Hello, what version of Avaya Aura Communication Manager do you have?

using ASA, there are typically two methods to access the Communication manager:
a) direct to the IP address of the server
b) via a CLAN board's IP address (this requires additional administration)

Since you have already managed to access the server via the crossover cable, then you can use Linux commands to find the IP address of the servers.

Depending on whether you have a pre Communication manager release 6 server, or a duplex configuration (active and standby servers), or a multivatange express, the location to get the IP might be different, nevertheless, the command:

cat /etc/hosts could be a good place to start. this will list all the ip addresses configured in the hosts file and you should see one that corresponds to your server.

another command would be:

ifconfig. it will list the interfaces and their IP addresses.

Hope this helps.

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