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Default Avaya newbie: Boss Secretaryaha


Im making my way into the Avaya world and although I have search through forums I have not seen a clear programming description on how to setup a Boss - Secretary to work correctly. I'm used to Nortel which was fairly straight easy with the BFS feature, however with Avaya...


1 Boss 1 Secretary

The secretary while the Boss is in the office requests from her phone to divert all the Boss's calls to his/her telephone. The secretary can all times know if the boss is idle or busy on a call. The secretary is the only person that can transfer calls under this scenario. If the secretary moves away from the desk she can divert all the incoming calls to a mobile phone regardless if they are personal or are procceding from the boss telephone. When she/he leaves the office at noon and the boss still is at work she/he can let the calls to ring into the Boss's phone.

1 Boss 2 Secretaries

The same behaviour, however instead of the secretary filtering the calls from the telephone is the boss from his/her telephone the one who will select which secretary will screen the calls.

I would very much appreciate any detailed configuration on how to perform these setups.

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