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Default Centralized MM and mwi

Is it possible to make two phones ringing at the same time and have a message waiting indicator on both phones when the phones are located on different Avaya servers at different locations. My vendor said no to both.
Here is the background: We are a hospital organization using centralized hardware for both voice mail and wireless telephones. At each hospital site we installed a dedicated pair of Avaya servers. All hospital sites connect back to main site #1 via IP trunks. I am adding the Avaya branded Spectralink/ Polycom telephones to the offsite locations, the phones need to have a local /site extension number and also be twinned to a desk phone in the event of a failure. Twinning to the offsite locations means to be able to receive calls, ring, and have voicemail features on both phones.
For the wireless 3641 I used a local extension number routed via UDP / AAR back to the main location where it was added it as a station on the main sites Avaya servers, on the station form page 1 voice mail indicator I added the station number of the desk phone located at site # 2 (I also tried using the aut-message wait on one of the phone buttons)
To accomplish the twinning I added the EC500 feature to the 9620 at site 2 and set the off-pbx ext as the wireless 3641 phone programmed on site 1. Everything works except message indicators. Only the desk phone has VM coverage and this phone will light when a new message is left. I need to get some type of message indicator on the wireless phone.

Site #1: Main Hospital site that all Centralized hardware and services reside at
Avaya S8730 R5.2.1
Voice mail: MM R5.2 MAS with MSS
Wireless Voice: Avaya 3641 using OAI with EMERGIN for nurse call applications

Site #2: Hospital site with IP connectivity to main site
Avaya S8710 R5.2.1
Nurse desk phone: Avaya 9620 IP

Does anyone have any ideas how to get this to work or even if there is a better way of accomplishing this?
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