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Default avaya SCN

Paulrs wrote:

IP500 Voice Networking License
On IP500 and IP500 V2 systems, Small Community Networking requires one or more additional licenses.
QSIG, H.323 and SCN capabilities are not enabled by default in the IP500 and IP500 V2. An additional license is
required to enable this functionality with 4 simultaneous networking channels (no channel limit for QSIG).
Additional channels can then be licensed in increments of 4. A Voice Networking license is still required to
enable TDM QSIG, even though there is no limit to the number of TDM QSIG calls that can be made or received
once licensed

That is absolutely correct, the only thing I would add is that only outbound calls across the VoIP trunks consume a Voice Networking channel license. Inbound calls do not. So basically once you have the first license you can receive as many calls that the system is capable of up to the total limit of the system or the number of VCMs or the total amount of bandwidth you have whatever is the lowest common denominator. An IP500v2 supports up to a maximum of 128 simultaneous VoIP calls:

With only 1 license you can make 4 calls out over the H.323 trunk. To make more you would add another license and they would allow you to make up to 8 outbound calls, three licenses would allow 12 outbound calls...

Pete G.
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