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Default Equinox Meet-Me Conferencing via SBCE

Have a customer with Equinox Solution 9.1 SP 5 and a HA SBCE 7.2 solution that they wish to use for external Equinox Clients on Windows and Android/IOS Phones for Meet Me conferencing. There is no remote worker or sip trunking on this SBCE. The hard part is that the customer has chosen to use the solution where they only open up ports 443 and 3478 for media Tunneling and Sturn/Turn. They do use a split DNS and everything works fine internally. We have gotten the solution deployed to the point were we can join a meet-me conference, utilize chat features and perform web share/control. We do not have any media neither video or audio. Something is failing in the Media Tunneling. This is an OTT (Over The Top) Equinox and the customer doesn't wish to open any additional ports other than 443 and 3478. We were initially told and it seems from the Equinox Solution Deployment Guide that this can be accomplished with a Single Internal A1 IP and B1 IP address. We do have more A1 and B1 ips available but at the moment are using only A1 and B1 IP.

I have Media Tunneling enabled on the SBCE as well as the STUN / Turn Configured to use port 3478 and the Turn set to listen on the B1 and relay to the A1. I also have load management configured and the Server Flows and Subscriber Flow Configured.

Has anyone had any experience with this type of deployment utilizing the SBCE for the external Meet-Me via port 443 and 3478 that can shed some light on the media Tunneling as the documentation for OTT is not very clear and seems to contradict itself?
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