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Default 2008/2012 Active Directory LAN Manager Authentication Levels

Delayed reply.

IDE 8.x requires NTLMv1 (NTLM) to be allowed. A setting of "NTLMv2 response only" should not interfere with MSCHAPv2 authentication. Only a setting of "NTLMv2 response only, restrict LM/NTLM" (the highest setting) should impact MSCHAPv2 functionality.

If NTLMv1 auditing is enabled and Inbound NTLMv1 is denied then adding the IDE servers to the NTLM exceptions list will allow for connectivity.

Currently IDE 9.0 is being tested against Windows Server 2012 so I expect, but can not comment if it is committed, that support for native NTLMv2 is likely.
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