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Hello Richard,

Can you provide following details:

Are all these phones the agents extensions?
How frequent the issue occurs on a same phone?
Did you tried loading a default 46xx settings file on a phone and monitor it for issue?

Regarding the 4600IP phones, I found the following issue and its resolution:
Issue: The 4612 or 4624 IP Telephone works properly except the telephone does not ring.

CAUSE: The Ringer Off (RngOF) softkey feature has been activated.

RESOLUTION: Use the softkey Menu option to access the RngOF feature. A downward-pointing triangle means the Ringer is off. Ensure that the triangle points up. Also, check the Volume setting on the telephone. Finally, do a self-test on the telephone.

You can try upgrading to the latest H.323 6.4 firmware
If has the following issue fix which can be the problem in your case:
"The ringtone volume is also changed whenever the user changes the speaker volume."
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