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Question Forcing All CMS Supervisors Closed

First off I realize that I am asking for a technology solution to a staff training issue. However I am at my wits end on this one. I have a large number of call center supervisors who leave their CMS client running for days at a time.
  • This requires me to run the kill command on them when doing full backups and other cmsadm proceedures.
  • It also means that they corrupt their personal CMS cashe from time to time.
I have attempted to modify the behavior of call center manager managers with calls and e-mails. But so far this has not been enough. This an 8 to 5 operation. So staff should be out of the system over night.

Is there a command that I can run from a script that will run the "kill -9" command on everyone on a nightly basis? The only thing I have thought of is too "kill" everyone and issue a shutdown/reboot command from a terminal Emulator session every night before I go to bed. Any ideas out there?
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