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Default Wait Announcement in Loop for position in queue

Hi All,

for retrieving the caller position in the queue I am using the sample script which gives the estimated wait time and position in queue. I am able to use that without any problem.

I have a requirement to announce the position of caller in queue continuously unless caller connects to Agent.

Normally for announcing wait music/announcement, I use the wait announcement which keeps on announcing the unless an Agent is free. If this announcement is for 30 seconds and Agents become available after hearing announcement for 5 seconds, remaining announcement is skipped and call is transferred to Agent.

If I have to announce the position in queue, I can't use wait announcement logic as I can't append the variable/tag in the announcement.

Below is the other way around which I can think of
1. calls come to main topic.
2. check if any agent is available in group, if available the transfer the call to Agent.
3. If no Agent is available in group send the call to IVR_wait. It calculates the position in queue and announces something like "your position in queue is " {position_in_queue}. and returns the call to topic.
4. In topic again call is routed to step 2- to check if any free agents are available. and step 3-4 are executed in loop unless call is transferred.

I am not sure if above logic can be implemented, or is there any better way to do this. Also I have below concerns in this logic.
1. If the way of looping the call using step 2,3 and 4 is achievable. I doubt there may be IPOCC limitation.
2. In case we send the caller to IVR_wait and immidiately any Agent becomes available, even then caller has to listen the complete announcement i.e. "your position in queue is " {position_in_queue} and only then he can be returned to Topic for transfer. But meanwhile if any Agent becomes available (while announcement is going on) and a different caller is transferred at that time, this may end up making caller to wait again and again.

Rajat Verma
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